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Wednesday, 24 August 1994
Page: 274

(Question No. 1220)

Senator Brownhill asked the Minister for Trade, upon notice, on 15 March 1994:

  (1) When was Austrade last the subject of an efficiency audit by the Australian National Audit Office.

  (2) What was the result of that audit.

  (3) If there has not been a recent audit, has one been scheduled; if not, why not.

Senator McMullan —The answer to the honourable senator's question is as follows:

  (1) Austrade as a whole has not been the subject of an efficiency audit by the ANAO. The Export Market Development Grants Scheme, however, which is administered by Austrade under the Export Market Development Grants Act 1974, was the subject of an efficiency audit by the Australian National Audit Office during 1993/94.

  (2) The Australian National Audit Office tabled Report No 33 "The Export Market Development Grants Scheme—Its Efficiency and Effectiveness" in Parliament on 5 May 1994. The ANAO Report noted some very positive points about the EMDG Scheme and Austrade's administration of it. It also identified areas where improvements can be made. Austrade worked closely with the Australian National Audit Office in its examination of the EMDG Scheme. With minor reservations, Austrade fully supports and accepts all the ANAO recommendations. The resource implications and timing of implementing the recommendations are now being finalised.

  (3) Scheduling of future audits is the responsibility of the Australian National Audit Office. Austrade has received the ANAO's 1994-95 Audit Strategy document which says that "There is no intention to conduct a performance audit in Austrade during 1994-95."