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Wednesday, 29 June 1994
Page: 2337

Senator KERNOT (Leader of the Australian Democrats) (6.00 p.m.) —The minister should have to argue these things because they do not stand in isolation. We should not make one little tinkering change to retirement income here without being able to make it fit into retirement income policy in the main. I think it is very unfortunate that the minister has made that point. She is the one who said, `Don't take this in isolation. It is a package.'

Senator Crowley —That's right.

Senator KERNOT —Well, where is the evidence that we should have faith that things are definitely going to get better. If that evidence were there, I would not be so worried. I do not believe it is there. The government is going the wrong way round. Why does the minister not say, `We've reached these milestones. Now we'll act'? The minister is saying, `We should act now because we're going to reach these milestones but I can't prove it.' What can the minister say the future promises for women by way of industrial relations reform which will mean that they will not have to worry about the pension age being increased for them? It does fit together.