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Tuesday, 28 June 1994
Page: 2145

Senator ROBERT RAY (Minister for Defence) (9.28 p.m.) —The government does not accept the opposition's proposal that all employees who earn more than $60,000 should be excluded from access to these remedies. The government's objective is not to indiscriminately exclude every employee who earns more than that particular amount. Instead, the government has adopted an approach which effectively ensures that employees who are high income earners, and who can broadly be described as managerial, are excluded from the legislation.

  Such a measure will improve access for the sorts of employees it is intended to cover—predominantly non-managerial salary or wage earners who are covered by awards or, if not, who earn up to $60,000. Very few, if any, non-managerial employees who are not covered by an award earn a base annual salary of more than $60,000. Employees covered by awards are much less likely to be managerial, and that reflects the composition of trade unions which obtain to such awards.