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Monday, 27 June 1994
Page: 2061

(Question No. 995)

Senator Calvert asked the Minister representing the Minister for Administrative Services, upon notice, on 27 January 1994:

  (1) Is "Gold of the Desert Kings", purchased by Australian Archives, Central Office from International Celebrity Management, a game; if so, what type of game is it.

  (2) What is the purpose of this game.

  (3) What is the total cost of the game.

  (4) How long has the game been in use.

  (5) How many employees have used the game.

  (6) Has there been any improvement in output from the employees who have used the game.

  (7) What other games have been purchased by the department in the 1990-91, 1991-92 and 1992-93 financial years, including computer games, and what are the associated costs.

Senator McMullan —The Minister for Administrative Services has provided the following answer to the honourable Senator's question:

  (1) "Gold of the Desert Kings" was not purchased by Australian Archives. It was purchased by DAS Staff Development in August 1993. It is a training game (simulation) which fosters planning, goal setting and team dynamics of work groups. This simulation is designed for up to 60 participants and is suitable for participation for all team members in one business unit.

  (2) This simulation can be used for several purposes

  To teach the power of planning properly and generate commitment to do it.

  To analyse the behaviour of employees as related to team work and interpersonal skills.

  To begin an intense detailed seminar on planning.

  To reinforce planning principles at the completion of a training session on that topic, and provide an opportunity to practise them.

  (3) $2,250

  (4) See 1.

  (5) Four training officers from DAS Staff Development have been trained in the use of the simulation and have used the underlying techniques to facilitate team building around corporate planning themes for over 100 DAS staff.

  (6) Yes.

  (7) A range of games, primarily for training purposes, have been purchased for staff to improve computer skills. The costs since 1990-91 have been:

  Total costs:




  * This includes the purchase of three recreational computer games at $80 each by the Department for use by officers located in the "difficult post" of Phnom Penh.