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Monday, 20 June 1994
Page: 1772

(Question No. 1402)

Senator Calvert asked the President of the Senate, upon notice, on 20 May 1994:

  (1) How many Pullivoyt salad bowls were purchased by the Joint House Department.

  (2) Was the total cost $2,990; if not, what was the total cost.

  (3) Are these salad bowls Australian made; if not, why not.

  (4) Where will these salad bowls be used.

  (5) What are these salad bowls made from.

  (6) Do the salad bowls have any distinguishing features.

The President —The answer to the honourable senator's question is as follows:

  (1) 100 x 165ml bowls; 100 x 190ml bowls.

  (2) Yes.

  (3) No. The French made Pullivoyt brand personal salad bowls were purchased as the Department was unable to source Australian-made equivalents.

  (4) The bowls will be used for catering in the Members and Guests Dining Room, the Private Dining Rooms and the Great Hall.

  (5) White porcelain.

  (6) No.