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Monday, 20 June 1994
Page: 1772

(Question No. 1397)

Senator Coulter asked the Minister representing the Minister for Resources, upon notice, on 17 May 1994:

  (1) (a) What are the research projects, if any, that have been funded by the Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Corporation; and (b) what level of funds has been provided for each of the projects.

  (2) Is the Corporation funding any projects relating to labelling schemes for wood products; if so, please indicate which projects listed under (1) relate to labelling schemes.

  (3) Is the labelling scheme intended to apply to exported wood products; if so, to which countries.

  (4) What are the characteristics of the product that are being promoted by the labelling scheme.

  (5) Is the labelling scheme promoting Australian wood products as "clean green".

  (6) Would, or does, the labelling scheme apply to wood products derived from logged old-growth forests.

  (7) Is the labelling scheme to apply to high-grade appearance timber.

Senator Collins —The Minister representing the Minister for Resources has provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question:

  (1) to (7) The Forest Wood Products Research and Development Corporation was established on 1 January 1994. However, the forest levies and charges to fund research projects are not expected to come into effect until 1 July 1994. Accordingly, it is unlikely that the Corporation will be in a position to approve any specific research projects until later in 1994-95.

  A Board of Directors has been appointed and is currently developing its first 5 year research and development plan and an annual operating plan for 1994-95. The R&D plan will identify the Corporation's research objectives, priorities and directions while the annual operating plan will identify in broad terms those activities the Board intends to fund during 1994-95 to give effect to the 5 year plan.