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Wednesday, 8 June 1994
Page: 1553

(Question No. 1342)

Senator Patterson asked the Minister representing the Minister for Housing and Regional Development, upon notice, on 3 May 1994:

  With reference to the federal Labor Caucus motion of 21 August 1988 requiring women to be appointed to at least 25 per cent of places on Government boards, councils and committees:

  For each of the boards, councils and committees to which the Minister has the power to appoint members, and for all of these combined:

  (1) How many positions were available for appointment on 21 August 1988 and how many are now available.

  (2) How many of these positions were held by women on 21 August 1988 and how many are now held by women.

  (3) What changes do the resulting proportions represent since the Labor Caucus motion.

Senator Bolkus —The Minister for Housing and Regional Development has provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question:

(3) Variation in the

(1) & (2) (1) & (2) proportion of represen-

Boards, Councils, Membership Membership tation from Aug 88

Committees Aug 1988 May 1994 to May 94 (% change)

Australian Housing 2 women 5 women +10.9

Council (a) and (b) 24 men 22 men

Indicative Planning 0 women 0 women 0.0

Council for the

Housing 10 men 10 men

Industry 20 variable (b) 16 variable (b)

  The following Committees were formed after August 1988:

Boards, Councils, Committees Membership


as at May 1994

Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (c) 1 woman

5 men

1 vacancy

Australian Urban and Regional Development Review's 4 women

Advisory Committee 12 men

Ministerial Advisory Group on the Environment 6 women

8 men

National Capital Planning Authority 1 woman

4 men

National Advisory Committee on Housing and 3 women

Urban Development 16 men

Supported Accommodation Assistance Program/Crisis

Accommodation Program Ministerial Advisory Committees

New South Wales 9 women

3 men

Victoria 7 women

6 men

Queensland 10 women

5 men

Western Australia 2 women

7 men

South Australia 4 women

7 men

Tasmania 8 women

5 men

Northern Territory 3 women

6 men

Australian Capital Territory 8 women

3 men

  The following Committees have ceased operation since May 1993:

  Australian Housing Industry Development Council (AHIDC)

  Taskforce on Regional Development (Kelty) (d)

  (a) No meetings of the Australian Housing Council have been held since October 1991. Composition is shown at that date.

  (b) The Minister appoints organisations to the Council and those organisations send their representatives, who may differ from time to time.

  (c) There are 14 members of the AHURI Board. The Minister alone appoints one member (the present appointee is male). In consultation with the States and Territories he may appoint another six. The remaining seven positions are not ministerial appointments.

  (d) The Taskforce was created in June 1993, completed its work and was disbanded in December 1993. Membership was two women and nine men.