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Wednesday, 8 June 1994
Page: 1543

Senator PANIZZA —I seek leave to make a personal explanation as I claim to have been misrepresented.

  Leave granted.

Senator PANIZZA —I claim to have been misrepresented by Senator Collins at page 1404 of yesterday's Hansard and I will read the relevant passage. Senator Collins said:

You might like to read the statement and withdraw your personal attack on Rick Farley. Have a good look at who has put it out.

He was referring there to an NFF press release. On the same page, after some interjections and a ruling from the chair, Senator Collins said:

For clarification for Senator Crane, and the Hansard will clearly show this, it was Senator Panizza who singled out Mr Farley once again . . .

Now I could not remember having attacked Mr Farley at any time inside this chamber, or outside it for that matter. I got my office to check the database to see if I had, as Senator Collins claimed, attacked Mr Farley before, bearing in mind that he said `once again'.

  According to the database, nowhere had I criticised or slandered Mr Farley. I certainly did not criticise him yesterday or run a denigration campaign against him. I simply said he put out the press release. Mr Deputy President, that is my personal explanation and I think Senator Collins—unless he has a different database from the one I have—should withdraw his imputation that I had attacked Mr Farley.