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Tuesday, 7 June 1994
Page: 1385

Senator ABETZ —I give notice that, on the next day of sitting, I shall move:

  That the Senate—


    (i)Senator Bell's notice of motion of 6 June 1994 seeking to vilify the federal Member for Braddon, Mr Christopher Miles,

    (ii)that the notice of motion was substantially amended by the President of the Senate to delete reference to inappropriate and unparliamentary language reflecting on the integrity of the federal Member for Braddon, and

    (iii)that Senator Bell personally attacked the federal Member for Braddon instead of the issue;

  (b)calls on Senator Bell to conduct himself in a more dignified manner and to play the ball and not the person in issues of public debate; and

  (c)calls on the Australian Democrats:

    (i)to uphold the dignity of the Senate by publicly reprimanding Senator Bell, and

    (ii)to uphold the role of the Senate as the States' house.