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Tuesday, 31 May 1994
Page: 995

(Question No. 1317)

Senator Campbell asked the Minister for the Environment, Sport and Territories, upon notice, on 14 April 1994:

  Please provide the full title particulars and addresses of all privately owned or leased land that will be included in the Register of National Estate Southern Forest Region in Western Australia.

Senator Faulkner —The answer to the honourable senator's question is as follows:

  I assume that the honourable senator is referring to the Australian Heritage Commission's notice of intention of 8 March 1994 to list places in the Southern Forest Region following its joint assessment with the Western Australian Department of Conservation and Land Management of national estate values in the region. The Commission does not hold the full title particulars of the private land within these places. It does, however, have a list of the private land parcels within those areas together with the identity of the owners of those parcels as supplied by the Western Australian Government, and has written to each of those owners about the decision to list their land.

  The Commission has received requests for the identity of all private land owners but has refused to release that information as the individuals concerned have not consented to such disclosure and as such disclosure would also be in breech of Principle 11 of the Privacy Act 1988. The address of the land (eg. the cadastral location number) as distinct from the address of the owner is not, however, considered personal information and therefore the Privacy Act cannot be invoked to refuse the list of land parcels. Accordingly, I submit to the honourable senator a list of the private land included in the places to be entered on the Register of the National Estate:

Nelson Locations: 147, 349, 601, 1147, 1239, 2416-17, 2928, 3869, 4360, 5273, 5600, 5602, 7965, 8256, 8464, 8516, 8519-20 & 9652.

Parts of Nelson Locations: 153, 1226, 3471, 3908 & 12364.

Plantagenet Location 2689

Hay Location 2098

Denmark Town 150