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Monday, 30 May 1994
Page: 901

(Question No. 1312)

Senator Spindler asked the Minister for Defence, upon notice, on 11 April 1994:

  (1) How many Australian Army electronic warfare exercises and training courses conducted during each of the past 8 years included New Zealand military personnel.

  (2) In each case: (a) when were they held; (b) where were they held; (c) what was the name of the event; and (d) how many New Zealand personnel were involved.

  (3) Has the Royal Australian Navy purchased new electronic warfare equipment during the past 10 years; if so and in each case: (a) what is the name and type of that equipment; (b) from what company was the equipment purchased; (c) what are the names of the vessels on which the equipment was installed; (d) what was the cost of the equipment; and (e) when was it purchased.

Senator Robert Ray —The answer to the honourable senator's question is as follows:

  (1) Four exercises and four training courses have included New Zealand personnel.

  (2)(a) Exercises were held in 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1994, and training courses in 1990, 1992, 1993 and 1994.

  (b) The exercises and training courses were held at 7th Signal Regiment (Electronic Warfare) at Cabarlah in Queensland.

  (c) The exercises held in 1990, 1991 and 1992 were known as Exercise Ravens Review or Exercise New Raven. The 1994 exercise is known as Exercise Anzac Exchange. The training course is the Regular Officers Basic Course (EW).

  (d) The number of New Zealand personnel involved in the exercises were 3 in 1990, 3 in 1991, 3 in 1992 and 1 in 1994. New Zealand personnel attending the training course were 2 in 1990, 2 in 1992, 1 in 1993 and 1 in 1994.

  (3) Yes. The details requested are provided in the attached table. Costs are indicated at a number of different price bases and in some cases are approximate where the equipment was procured as part of a ship or a larger system.



Platform Equipment Company date Use Cost Remarks

FFG SLQ 32 Raytheon 1984 ESM $2.4m Cost base 1994

in $US.

Melbourne Equipment is

Newcastle SLQ 25 (Nixi) Joint ECM $0.1m common to all

Electronic FFGs. First four

Design ships were fitted

with equipment

during initial


Mk 36 Super- Loral Hycor ECM $0.25m


DDG WLR 1H Argo 1987- ESM $3.1m Cost base Apr 92

Brisbane Systems 1990

Perth Inc. ECM $0.25m Cost 1994 in $US.

Hobart Mk36 Super- Loral Hycor


ANZAC SCEPTRE A Thorn EMI Com- ESM $2.1m Cost base Apr 88.

menced All ANZAC ships

1989 will be fitted

Mk 36 Super- Laguna ECM $0.2m with this

RBOC Aerospace equipment

COLLINS Argo AR740 Argo 1986 ESM $2.7m Cost base 1986.

Systems Inc All COLLINS sub-

marines will be

fitted with this


OBERON MAVIS AWA Com- ESM $2.1m Cost base 1988.

Defence menced Cost is for total

Industries 1988 cost of MAVIS for

all Oberon class


PATROL System 133- AWA Com- ESM $3.0m Cost base 1994.

BOATS PRISM Defence menced Cost is for total

Industries 1994 cost of PRISM for all Fremantle

class patrol

boats. The equip-

ment is currently

being fitted.

* ESM Electronic Warfare Support Measures)—Actions taken to search for, intercept, locate, record, and analyze radiated electromagnetic energy. Provide a source of information to conduct electronic counter measures, electronic counter-counter measures, threat detection, warning, avoidance, target acquisition and homing.

* ECM (Electronic Counter measures)—Actions taken to prevent or reduce an enemy's effective use of the electromagnetic spectrum. Electronic countermeasures include jamming and deception.