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Monday, 30 May 1994
Page: 899

(Question No. 1306)

Senator MacGibbon asked the Minister representing the Minister for Veterans' Affairs, upon notice, on 7 April 1994:

  (1) List all the aeronautical parts or components including airframes and engines which were disposed of each year for the past 5 years and the date of disposal.

  (2) What was the reason for the disposal of each component.

  (3) What was the organisation, recipient or purchaser of each component.

  (4) What was the sale price obtained for each item, or if exchange was involved, what was received in exchange and the condition of such goods.

Senator Faulkner —The Minister for Veterans' Affairs, has provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question:

  (1), (2), (3) and (4)

  Date: 1 August 1990

  Item: 2 x sets of Winjeel wings

  Method: Sale

  Reason: The items were excess to collection requirements, having been acquired from the Aeronautical Research Laboratories in 1984 for exchange or sale. The wings had been subjected to stress testing, and had an estimated value of $4,000. They were released in return for work to this value on the restoration of the Memorial's Mustang aircraft A68-648.

  Recipient: A Jelliffe Pty Ltd, 73 Holmes Road, MOONEE PONDS VIC 3039

  Date: 24 January 1991

  Item: Damaged centre fuselage and port wing of Mitsubishi A6M2 s/n 3618

  Damaged centre fuselage/wings and sternframe of Mitsubishi A6M5 s/n 4043

  8 boxes and 4 pallet bins of items, comprising:

  1 x Incomplete/damaged Sakae 21 engine

  2 x A6M upper cowling

  Sections of flap assembly

  Tailplane components

  2 x sternframe fragments

  Port horizontal stabiliser

  Starboard horizontal stabiliser and elevator

  Wing fuel tank

  2 x engine mount fragments

  Exhaust collector ring parts

  Skin and structural fragments

  Method: Exchange

  Reason: Items excess to collection needs. The AWM holds a complete restored Mitsubishi A6M2 s/n 5784. The items disposed of were essentially excess spares, and were in a damaged/corroded and incomplete condition.

  The Memorial had been seeking a Beaufort for many years. No example was held in the national collection.

  This medium bomber was operated by the RAAF during the second world war. 700 examples were built in Australia, and this was the largest single military industrial effort undertaken by this country during the period. Over 50 RAAF units operated the type, and tens of thousands of personnel were involved in their construction and operation. The example obtained comprises the fuselage, wing centre section of a former 100 Squadron RAAF machine, A9-557. It completed 103 missions in 1944/45 before crash landing at Tadji in PNG after sustaining combat damage. In an unrestored condition, it was accompanied by 631 listed and a further 400 minor components. These included engines, all other major structural components except the fin, and the majority of the internal and systems parts. The aircraft is approximately 90% complete and is the most intact surviving Beaufort.

  Recipient: Mr Robert Greinert, 82 The Esplanade, FRENCHS FOREST NSW 2086

  Note: After negotiations, on this date the Memorial signed an agreement with Mr Greinert covering two exchanges, that would cover the acquisition of a Beaufort bomber and a MiG-15 fighter. These were to be exchanged for, respectively, Japanese second world war Mitsubishi A6M `Zero' components and Nakajima Ki-43 `Oscar' components. This material was excess to collection requirements. The second phase of the exchange was completed on 3 May 1993, and is covered by a second contract actioned on 3 May 1993 (see below).

  Date: 13 August 1992

  Item: P-40 Kittyhawk instrument panel

  Method: Exchange

  Reason: Item was surplus to collection requirements. AWM retains a P-40 aircraft with full cockpit equipment. It was exchanged for a DAP Beaufort Mk VIII pilot's instrument panel in good condition.

  Recipient: Mr Robert Greinert, 82 The Esplanade, FRENCHS FOREST NSW 2086

  Date: 23 March 1993

  Item: Set of CA-18 Mustang Mk.23 wings, ex A68-150

  Method: Sale

  Reason: Excess to collection requirements. The Memorial holds a complete restored Mustang, A68-648. Valued at USD$55,000, the wings were sold for A$75,000.

  Recipient: Mr Bruce Morehouse, Unit 36, Airport Motel, Mickleham Road and Ardlie Streets, WEST MEADOWS VIC 3049

  Date: 3 May 1993

  Item: 1 x Ki-43-1 wing, partial cockpit and engine section of a/c s/n 4700.

  1 x Ki-43 wing section

  1 x Ki-43 II or III forward fuselage (with wings cut off), and rear fuselage

  1 x box of Japanese a/c hydraulic system fittings

  1 x box of airframe components and fittings, including cowl parts.

  4 x Damaged Ki-43 ailerons

  1 x Damaged Ki-43 rudder

  1 x Damaged Ki-43 II steel and aluminium drop tank

  1 x Damaged Ki-43 I wing tip

  Method: Exchange

  Reason: Items were excess to collection requirements. The Memorial retains one Ki-43 II airframe. The items disposed of were essentially excess spares, and were in a damaged/corroded and incomplete condition.

  The items were exchanged for a MiG-15 bis aircraft, s/n 2458.

  The AWM had sought an example of the MiG-15 aircraft for many years. An RAAF Gloster Meteor, which saw action against MiG a/c on seven occasions, had been acquired c.1960. The MiG-15 obtained is complete with armament and is in a near-airworthy condition. A rare Soviet-built aircraft, this machine was constructed c.1950 and has evidence of battle damage. It is representative of aircraft flown during the Korean War by Chinese, Korean and Soviet forces. It is possible that this particular machine saw service in Korea.

  Recipient: Mr Robert Greinert, 82 The Esplanade, FRENCHS FOREST NSW 2086