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Thursday, 12 May 1994
Page: 705

Senator HARRADINE (9.46 a.m.) —Mr President, that is a matter of which I have not even been given notice. I am concerned that individual senators have the opportunity of raising particular matters before estimates committees. We all have that responsibility on behalf of our constituents. It becomes increasingly difficult to ensure that proper audit and control of government expenditure are undertaken if these committees are meeting at the same time. I understand that A, B and C are meeting at the same time, and that D, E and F are meeting at the same time; they have done that for some years now.

  But here we have a proposition to add F to A, B and C. An individual senator would need the gift of not bi-location or tri-location but, I suppose, quattro-location, and that is impossible. If this motion is to be accepted by the Senate, I would hope that the chairs of the various committees—and this is what I would have said, had I been advised of this—will postpone particular items so that individual senators may, when they are free from other commitments in the estimates committee, raise matters as to where expenditure is going.