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Tuesday, 10 May 1994
Page: 551

(Question No. 1003)

Senator Alston asked the Minister representing the Minister for Communications and the Arts, upon notice, on 1 February 1994:

  (1) With reference to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Annual Report for 1992-93, which indicates that contributions for co-production amounted to $14.4 million, what are the details of each such project, including the names and activities of each participant and the amount contributed for each project.

  (2) Is Qantas providing airfares or free travel for ABC free-to-air journalists for Australian Television International; if so, how many journalists, over what period of time and to what extent, have travelled in this manner.

Senator McMullan —The Minister for Communications and the Arts has provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question, based on information provided by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation:

  (1) Details of the breakdown for ABC television's co-productions projects as listed in the ABC Annual Report for 1992-93 follows:

Program Amount ($)

Arts and Entertainment 72,130

Children and Education 2,973,940

Documentaries 941,183

Drama 3,822,434

Features 2,328,565

General Programs 367,999

Sport 2,484,116

Miscellaneous co-production revenue

including minor Radio and Radio

Australia co-productions, revenue

from tape sales, proceeds from

info-line numbers and royalties from

Gardening Magazine. 1,410,633

Total co-production contributions 14,401,000

  The ABC regards financial information concerning funding for co-productions as a matter between the ABC and its co-producers. This information is deemed to be "commercial in confidence".

  For the purpose of providing further information the ABC has defined a co-production as, any production project where the ABC input is more than straight cash, for example use of ABC resources and or facilities.

  A list of co-productions for 1992-93 by ABC output area which fit into the above category are as follows:


Sutherland Gala

Seven Deadly Sins Dance

East Coast Jazz and Blues


Playschool Concerts

Adult Literacy


Unique Continent

Research & Development


Out of Empire (Open University)

Aboriginal Studies (Open University)

Accounting (Open University)

Psychology (Open University)


Research & Development

The Family

Vietnam Now

World of Worship


Indigenous Peoples Launch


Wolves of the Sea

The Big Wet




GP 4

Rescue 2

Joh's Jury

GP 5

Dallas Doll

Rescue 3

Embassy 3


Research & Development

Home Show 3

Holiday 2



John Hinde

Outlook `93

Living Better

Quantum Interviews

Holiday 3

All in a Days Work

Gardening Australia

Consuming Passions

Homeshow 4

Everybody 3


Search for Success

Clowning Around Encore

Ship to Shore


A Dog's Life

S.A.R.L Final


NFL Superbowl

Cross Country Skiing

Tenpin Bowling—Asian Zone

Aust. Squash Championships

Freestyle Skiing

Cycle Classic

Malaysian Masters Golf

Aust. Hockey League

Baseball Aust. League

Under 21's Snooker

City to Surf

Netball Goal Attack

Barcelona Olympics

Malaysian Open Golf


Asian Baseball Championships

Swinging Through Ireland

Sailing Australia Cup

Gold Coast Marathon

Pacing Inter-dominion


1992 Paralympics

OZ Day 1 OK

Pentathlon Aust. Open

Baseball Asian Championships

School Sport


Tenis—Oz Charity Day

Tennis—Kooyong Classic


Qantas Jetabout Bowls

Golf—World Cup

Golf—SA Open (Eagle Blue)

Golf—Coolum Classic



Soccer—World Youth Cup

Gymnastic—Aust Champs

Weightlifting Barcelona

Equestrian Melbourne F.E.S

Tennis—Junior Masters

WA Football League

NT Football League

Malaysian Rugby Union 10s

  (2) There is no free or concessional travel provided to any ABC staff by Qantas. The Corporation has a travel contract with Qantas that was entered into after a formal tender process. The answer to House of Representatives Question on Notice No. 791, printed on 3 May 1994, page 120, also refers.