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Tuesday, 10 May 1994
Page: 495

Senator GARETH EVANS —In further response to Senator Margetts's question today, in particular her supplementary question, I refer her again to what I said in the course of my main answer, namely, that the chairperson of the review, Mr Scales, has indicated that he will accept and respond to written input from service users in the community and such written input will be drawn to the attention of all members of the work force undertaking the review so that, if consultation is sought during the review process, it will work in that way.

  I can now add, moreover, that the review is at present considering the potential for the use of such indicators as client satisfaction surveys, hospital clinical indicators—for example, reinfection rates—and the distribution of school test scores to assess service outcome performance. Such indicators can be accessed without the need to undertake an extensive consultation process with service users and the community on the process of the review.