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Monday, 9 May 1994
Page: 452

Senator NEWMAN (5.58 p.m.) —Once again, I do not intend to proceed with my amendment No. 7, as events have overtaken it.

  Amendment agreed to.

  Amendments (by Senator Crowley)—by leave—agreed to:

(24)Clause 11, page 9, proposed subsection 8T(3), line 6, after "power" insert ", under paragraph (1)(f)".

(25)Clause 11, page 9, add at the end of proposed section 8T the following subsection:

  "'(4) The powers under this section do not authorise any act in relation to a part of a record that is a part containing clinical details relating to a patient.".

(26)Clause 11, page 9, proposed section 8U, lines 17 to 22, omit the proposed section, substitute the following section:

Authorised officers to produce evidence of identity

  "'8U(1) The authorised officer is not entitled to exercise any powers under this Division in relation to particular premises unless the authorised officer produces his or her identity card for inspection by the occupier of the premises.

  '(2) This section does not apply if the occupier is not present at the premises at any time during which the powers are exercised.".

(27)Clause 11, page 9, Division 4 of proposed Part IID, heading to the Division, line 23, omit the "Offence related", substitute "Warrants for".

  Amendment (by Senator Crowley) proposed:

(28)Clause 11, page 10, after proposed subsection 8W(1) insert the following subsection:

  "'(1A) The magistrate must not issue the warrant unless he or she has been advised what other warrants (if any) have been sought under this Part in respect of those premises in the preceding 5 years.".