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Monday, 9 May 1994
Page: 449

Senator HARRADINE (5.32 p.m.) —The intention of the foreshadowed amendment is precisely that. It is a positive statement by the parliament that this is to be the norm. What is being provided is, therefore, not the norm, but something that is abnormal to cover a certain situation which the HIC says it is perfectly well aware of. It is well aware of the people and the companies whom it suspects are perpetrating medical fraud. Obviously, whether or not they are, the system of justice has to run its course.

  As to whether this is simply a bringing forward of the sunset clause by 12 months, it is in a way, but in effect what we are saying is that if we have an abnormal situation, we want to get that matter fixed. As has been said, the HIC is prepared to go now. Well, let it go, and let us have the matter dealt with within 12 months. But do not let us have on the books of this parliament provisions which can be pointed to as a precedent for other legislation.