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Monday, 9 May 1994
Page: 426

Senator JONES —I present the sixth report for 1994 of the Standing Committee for the Selection of Bills.

  Ordered that the report be adopted.

Senator JONES —I seek leave to have the report incorporated in Hansard.

  Leave granted.

  The report read as follows

REPORT NO. 6 OF 1994

The Committee considered the list of bills and resolved:

(a)That the following bills be referred to a committee:

Bill title Stage at which Standing Committee Reporting date


Plant Breeder's immediately Rural and Regional 30 May 1994

Rights Bill 1994 after conclusion Affairs

of Minister's

second reading


Witness immediately Legal and 30 May 1994

Protection Bill after conclusion Constitutional

1994 of Minister's Affairs

second reading


(b)That the following bills not be referred to committees:

Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Amendment Bill 1994

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission Amendment Bill 1994

Aboriginal Land (Lake Condah and Framlingham Forest) Amendment Bill 1994

Banking (State Bank of South Australia and Other Matters) Bill 1994

Bounty (Fuel Ethanol) Bill 1994

Commonwealth Reciprocal Recovery Legislation Amendment Bill 1994

Customs Tariff Amendment Bill 1994

Human Services and Health Legislation Amendment Bill 1994

Industry, Technology and Regional Development Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 2) 1994

Law and Justice Legislation Amendment Bill 1994

National Debt Sinking Fund Repeal Bill 1994

Parliamentary Privileges Amendment (Enforcement of Lawful Orders) Bill 1994

Primary Industries and Energy Legislation Amendment Bill 1994

Student Assistance Amendment Bill 1994

Superannuation Legislation Amendment Bill 1994

Telecommunications Amendment Bill 1994

  (c)That the following bills be deferred for consideration at the next meeting:

(deferred from 1993)

Evidence and Procedure (New Zealand) Bill 1993

Evidence and Procedure (New Zealand) (Transitional Provisions and Consequential Amendments) Bill 1993

(deferred from meeting of 1 March 1994)

Telecommunications (Performance Standards) Amendment Bill 1994

(deferred from meeting of 3 May 1994)

Corporations Legislation Amendment Bill 1994

Crimes (Child Sex Tourism) Amendment Bill 1994

Evidence (Transitional Provisions and Consequential Amendments) Bill 1994

Financial Agreement Bill 1994

Industrial Relations Legislation Amendment Bill 1994

Moomba-Sydney Pipeline System Sale Bill 1994

Social Security Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 2) 1994

Taxation Laws Amendment Bill (No. 2) 1994

Trade Practices Amendment (Origin Labelling) Bill 1994

  The Committee recommends accordingly.

  Bills received from the House of Representatives.