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Monday, 9 May 1994
Page: 422

Senator MICHAEL BAUME —Mr Deputy President, I seek leave for Senator Tierney to give a notice of motion on my behalf.

  Leave granted.

  The notice of motion read as follows

  That the Senate—


    (i)the continued failure of companies involved in the Keating piggery joint venture to file annual returns with the Australian Securities Commission (ASC) as required by the corporations law, and

    (ii)that following repeated breaches of a similar nature during the 3 years Mr Keating was a half-owner of his piggery group, the following piggery joint venture companies have failed to file annual returns ever since their formation:

      (A)Danpork Australia Pty Ltd, half-owned by the Danish company Danpork AS and Euphron Pty Ltd, Mr Keating's former half-owned company, which was formed in November 1991 with directors Mr Constantinidis and Mr Bentzen, representing Danpork AS, and whose secretary is Mr Coudounaris, and whose annual return for the 1992-93 financial year is now 10 months overdue, a company which advertises itself as conducting business as a meat wholesaler out of premises in south Strathfield but which has not filed any document whatsoever with the ASC since June 1992, and

      (B)Danpork Properties Pty Ltd, a company wholly-owned by Danpork AS, formed in July 1992 with Messrs Coudounaris and Bentzen as directors, which has lodged no documents with the ASC for almost 2 years; and

  (b)calls on the Danish partners in the Keating piggery joint venture to behave like good corporate citizens and abide by the Australian corporations law and cease following the lead set by their Australian partner, the Brown and Hatton Group while Mr Keating was its half-owner, of treating with contempt the ASC and the reporting requirements of the corporations law.