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Thursday, 5 May 1994
Page: 316

Senator PANIZZA (12.42 p.m.) —I have much pleasure in leading the debate on behalf of the opposition on this matter. The opposition does not oppose the Aboriginal Land (Lake Condah and Framlingham Forest) Amendment Bill 1994. Its purpose is a technical one. It is to replace the reference in the act to the Victorian Mines Act 1958, which has since been repealed, with a reference to the Victorian Mineral Resources Development Act 1990. The bill does not make substantive changes, only this technical change. Therefore, the opposition does not object to the bill.

  However, it strikes me as curious that the revised Victorian act covering mining was brought in in 1990, yet it is only in 1994 that the federal government is getting around to amending the federal act. When the principal act was before the Senate in 1987, it was contentious and was opposed by the opposition. However, the proposed change to the bill is of a minor nature. It does not arouse contention and we are happy to support it.