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Wednesday, 4 May 1994
Page: 274

(Question No. 1288)

Senator Ian Macdonald asked the Minister representing the Minster for Transport, upon notice, on 30 March 1994:

  With reference to a request by Senator Ian Macdonald during an Estimates Committee A hearing held on 25 February 1994 (Senate Hansard, Estimates Committee A, 25 February 1994, page 144) for details of the legal expenses involved in a prosecution against Mr Peter Sheehan, which were to be obtained from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), please provide details of when, after the previous estimates committee hearing, Senator Ian Macdonald's question was directed to the DPP officer concerned and when the question was again referred to him following the most recent estimates committee hearing.

Senator Collins —The Minister for Transport has provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question:

  Letters requesting the information, enclosing relevant extracts from Hansard, were forwarded on 13 December 1993 and 4 March 1994, and a response was received on 25 March 1994, and relayed to the Department for on-forwarding on 31 March 1994.