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Wednesday, 4 May 1994
Page: 228

Senator COONEY (5.10 p.m.) —I spoke this morning on an issue similar to this.

Senator Schacht —This is the ethanol bill, Barney!

Senator COONEY —Yes, I know. I want to talk about the customs business. Senator Schacht has said that there is now an obligation on the part of those who want to take particular actions under the customs act to go, as I understand it, to a magistrate or the appropriate person for a warrant to be issued. I think this should receive appropriate attention on a day when the Senate is being broadcast. It is something that the government ought to be praised for.

  In striking the balance that we were talking about this morning between the need to protect against breaches of the law and the need to preserve the basis of the democracy in which we live, the basis that people should be treated properly and fairly, the government has come out in favour of the individual on this occasion. I think that ought to be noted. Governments do tend more and more to impose obligations on people and to put sanctions which are not always appropriate. It is good to see that there has been a reversal in favour of the individual.

  Bill, as amended, agreed to.

  Bill reported with amendments; report adopted.