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Wednesday, 4 May 1994
Page: 225

Senator IAN MACDONALD (4.49 p.m.) —Senator Coulter obviously has an understanding problem. I indicated that we are supporting, and have, in fact, already supported, amendments Nos 1 and 5 relating to the matters that he has just accused me of not understanding and not supporting. We have already supported those.

Senator Schacht —What about 6?

Senator IAN MACDONALD —We are not supporting No. 6 and we are not supporting No. 11. I simply say that if Senator Coulter had bothered to be in the chamber when I was speaking during the second reading debate he would have clearly understood the concerns I raised about this and the concerns for the environment, and the reason why we were supporting the bill, but with concerns about the economies of it. For Senator Coulter to suggest that I come in here only to obfuscate I find somewhat insulting but typical of the lack of understanding or appreciation that the Democrats have. The Democrats are certainly not the party that they used to be when Janine Haines and their original leader were in charge of it. They are now just a collection of people who run around trying desperately to curry favour in various little niche groups around the community to save their seats in the parliament. I reiterate that I have supported amendments Nos 1 and 5 but will be opposing amendments Nos 6 and 11.

  Amendment agreed to.