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Wednesday, 4 May 1994
Page: 159

Senator LEES (Deputy Leader of the Australian Democrats) (10.55 a.m.) —I intend to move that progress be reported. I will do so for a specific purpose: to ask Senator Harradine to look at the large folder of evidence held by David Kindon of the Australian Association of Pathology Practices Inc. David Kindon has taken me through the material—it was a most interesting half an hour, although that was probably not as much time as it really deserved—and has shown me exactly how people are running other pathology operations. That evidence will give Senator Harradine an insight into why this power is needed.

  David Kindon uses slides and overheads to show various practices and levels of claims by particular pathology practices. They show the responses of just a select few pathology practices to previous measures taken by the government to try at least to slow down some of the increases. I emphasise that we are talking about a few. However, we are also talking about large amounts of money that those few seem to be able to accrue very selectively. I ask Senator Harradine to look at that material.

  Progress reported.

  Consideration resumed from 2 March.

  (Quorum formed)