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Tuesday, 3 May 1994
Page: 137

(Question Nos 1253-1273)

Senator Parer asked all portfolio Ministers, upon notice, on 23 March 1994:

  Did the department or any agency within the portfolio allocate any grants during the: (a) 1992-93 financial year; and (b) 1993-94 financial year, to date; if so, what were: (i) the guidelines or selection criteria for awarding grants, (ii) the decision-making process used by the department to process the grants, (iii) the administrative cost of the program, both in dollar terms and as a percentage of the total cost of the program, (iv) the number, proportion and value of the grants that were delivered/announced through parliamentarians and/or candidates (if other than the Minister, please supply details of the person and grants concerned), (v) the total number of grants awarded, (vi) the system for notifying and distributing the grants to organisations, (vii) the recipients of the grants, including the name, address and contact, (viii) the value of each grant, (ix) the purpose of each grant, (x) the date of approval of each grant, (xi) the date of payment of each grant, (xii) whether the decision to award the grant was made by the department, agency or by the Minister and, if it was made by the Minister, whether it was made on the basis of departmental/agency advice, and (xiii) the name of the program under which grants were made and the total value of that program.

Senator Gareth Evans —The Prime Minister has provided the following answer, on behalf of all portfolio Ministers, to the honourable senator's questions:

  (a) Details of the grants allocated by portfolios in 1992-93 are set out in departments' and agencies' annual reports.

  (b) The other information referred to in the honourable senator's questions is not readily available at this time. To collect and assemble it solely for the purpose of answering the honourable senator's questions would be a major task and I am not prepared to authorise the expenditure of money and effort involved in assembling such information.