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Tuesday, 3 May 1994
Page: 34

Senator MICHAEL BAUME —I give notice that, on the next day of sitting, I shall move:

  That the Senate—


      (i)that Mr Gino Mandarino, President of the Illawarra branch of Young Labor and a part-time member of the staff of the Labor Member for Throsby, Mr Colin Hollis MP, was fined $800 on 15 April 1994 for his involvement in forging an electoral form in Wollongong on 2 September 1992, as part of a power struggle between the left- and right-wings of the Labor Party in NSW,

      (ii)the involvement in this fraud of Councillor Michael Samoris, a prospective left-wing Labor candidate for the NSW Legislative Council and staffer at the time of former left-wing Member for Cunningham, Mr Stuart West, whose office was advised of the completion of the fraudulent form, a copy of which it was sent by facsimile,

      (iii)that Mr Mandarino wrote repeated letters published in the Illawarra Mercury during the 1993 election campaign in which he misrepresented the Opposition's policies without admitting he was an employee of Mr Hollis, in keeping with the prosecutor's statement at his trial that Mr Mandarino had `at best a reckless disregard for the honesty component of the electoral system; at worst a contempt for the system', and

      (iv)that Mr Mandarino is the second person in Mr Hollis' office to be tried in court and found guilty of a criminal breach of the law, the other being Mr Hollis himself; and

    (b)calls on members of Parliament, particularly those involved in the present bitter dispute between the left- and right-wings of the Labor Party in NSW, to ensure that their staff members abide by the law.