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Thursday, 24 March 1994
Page: 2286

Senator VANSTONE (8.37 p.m.) —The coalition supports the government in that view. We have to be sure that when we ask for a reporting back procedure, someone will actually be looking at it and making a comprehensive assessment over a reasonably long-term basis as to what happens. I am not informed that that is what is happening in New South Wales. I do not agree with Senator Spindler that because New South Wales has that procedure we would be following the states; we would be following a state. The general concept of having some statistical understanding of what happens to warrants and how they are executed, which we might get through this procedure, might well be useful.

  I did not realise the situation in New South Wales. I will be taking the opportunity, such as I am able, during this break, to acquaint myself with that and see whether the other states should be following on. But I feel that since the other states at the moment do not have that, as I understand it, this is not the appropriate forum through which to ensure the other states have to follow that procedure. I am attracted to the idea, but I am not convinced of its usefulness. I will take the opportunity during the break to see how good it is.

  Amendments negatived.