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Thursday, 24 March 1994
Page: 2278

Senator VANSTONE (6.46 p.m.) —All we would say in response is that a spur of the moment decision can be made to cause a loss of life, as it can be made to cause a life to be saved by the use of firearms. It can go either way. I understand the argument that Senator Spindler raises, but I think that what he is saying does not cover the other situation where a life might be saved by an officer on the spur of the moment very quickly changing his mind, and the statement being on the face of the warrant might well be a disincentive for that. We could argue until the cows come home. There is not a lot in it. Senator Spindler might think that there would be, if his amendment were successful, but there is not a lot in it in terms of the different approach to the argument. I do not think there is much more we can add.