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Wednesday, 23 March 1994
Page: 2088

Senator WATSON (4.52 p.m.) —I seek a further assurance in terms of what `for a limited time' means. The coalition specified in our amendment `until 30 June'. What does the heritage agency consider to be an appropriate and reasonable time? After speaking with a number of state authorities, I think they perhaps would be in agreement with the undertaking that Senator Sherry has just given, provided that the reasonable time interval can be specified a bit more clearly.

Senator Sherry —The time limit that Senator Watson refers to would be 30 June next year, which I understand would be acceptable.

Senator WATSON —That being so, and given the attitude of ministers from a number of territories and states, we will accept the undertaking because it is very much in line with the intent and purpose of the amendment that we have just put, and which I now seek to withdraw. I thank the parliamentary secretary and his advisers for the consideration that has been given to the matter, because I believe there is now a very good incentive to work in close collaboration with the National Trust to ensure that the state and other registers are up-to-date. I thank Senator Sherry for that assurance.