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Tuesday, 28 April 1987
Page: 1943

(Question No. 1677)

Senator Kilgariff asked the Minister representing the Minister for Aviation, upon notice, on 19 March 1987:

(1) What opportunity exists for general aviation operators to be charged on a `user pays' basis under the present system of air navigation charges.

(2) Is it the case that general aviation operators must pay charges on the basis of the services provided at airports, even if the operators do not use and do not wish to use those services.

(3) Will the Federal Government review the air navigation charges, to allow general aviation operators who do not use facilities at certain airports exemption from all or a percentage of the charge.

Senator Gietzelt —The Minister for Aviation has provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question:

(1) None. Under the present system of air navigation charges for general aviation aircraft, charges are payable annually in advance, based on the weight of the aircraft and its category of operations.

The charge is unrelated to the level of usage of facilities, and there is no specific charge for any individual facility.

(2) No, not under the present system.

(3) The Government is reviewing the present system of air navigation charges for general aviation aircraft, to seek a new charging system which would be related to aircraft activity and demand on Commonwealth funded facilities.