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Friday, 3 April 1987
Page: 1841

Senator WALTERS(12.27) —Obviously the Minister does not have a clue of what is happening in Tasmania. We have loggers; we have people who have mortgages on big logging trucks who, under this legislation, will not be compensated. As Senator Archer has said, sawmills down the line at the moment get logs from the mill and log in the area. Those arrangements were made ages ago and the Minister is now saying that only if a person is affected directly by this legislation will he be allowed compensation. If the Government is not prepared to pass the amendment I can only assume that those few people employing people in the forest areas will be those granted compensation.

Senator Watson —The big losers.

Senator WALTERS —The big losers will be the subcontractors and the mills down the line that are relying on logs from the people collecting the timber. If the Minister is not prepared to pass this amendment, it is very obvious that the Government's intention will be in this area, particularly as the previous Minister indicated that the inquiry will take only 12 months and therefore the Government is not thinking that it will have to pay any compensation at all.