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Friday, 3 April 1987
Page: 1840

Senator COATES(12.23) —I have had this argument with Senator Walters before; it ought not to be necessary to repeat it. It is not for me to speak on behalf of Senator Richardson, but if Senator Walters reads the previous sentence of Senator Richardson's speech the whole context of what he said becomes quite clear. The sentence before that which Senator Walters quoted is on page 1239 of Hansard of 24 March and reads:

Where a person not covered by the compensation provisions in the Bill considers that he or she has suffered loss or damage as a result of the legislation, the Government furthermore will consider compensation for that person as a matter of policy. So one has to say that this Government has looked at every possible angle.

Senator Richardson then stated:

There is no cutting off of any possibility of compensation for anyone in Tasmania who considers himself or herself to be affected by this Bill.

That is, the possibility still remains, if people put up a good enough case, for the Government to consider it and make ex gratia payments as has been explained earlier. There is no inconsistency between that and what has been said.