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Friday, 3 April 1987
Page: 1838

Senator NEWMAN(12.13) —I am concerned that that should be the Minister's response, because I feel that it is not an ordinary power of injunction that is being given here. I think that the court has far too wide a power. I draw the Committee's attention to the fact that this power to grant an injunction is based on whether or not it appears to the court that the person intends to do again, or continue to do, any kind of an act, whether or not the person has previously done an act of that kind and whether or not there is an imminent danger of damage to the protected area if the person does an act of that kind. That is an exceptionally wide power to grant injunctions. I would have thought that the Minister, if he were drafting the legislation, would find it a totally unacceptable ambit of power for the court.