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Friday, 3 April 1987
Page: 1835

Senator NEWMAN(11.49) —I also want to respond to the Minister's comments. I am not sure whether I am misinterpreting the intention of what he was saying, but, although he was not prepared to accept our amendments for expediency reasons and because, as Manager of Government Business in the Senate, he is trying to get this Bill through the place today, am I right in thinking that the Minister reads clause 14 (c) and would expect the Commission to operate under that sub-clause as though the words `has reasonable grounds for believing' is what `considers' means?

Senator Gareth Evans —In short, yes.

Senator NEWMAN —I thank the Minister. Am I also to understand that the Government would expect the Commission, when entering private land under clause 14 (c), to extend the courtesy, wherever possible, of at least informing the owner of the private land and preferably obtain consent?