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Friday, 3 April 1987
Page: 1835

Senator WALTERS(11.47) —I do not think the Minister is quite aware of the enthusiasm with which this Bill will be embraced by the conservationists in Tasmania. I think he is completely unaware that they will use anything at all that will enable them to get on to any land. Therefore, the Bill is saying that anyone--

Senator Gareth Evans —Authorised in writing.

Senator WALTERS —Yes. Anyone will be able to go on land anywhere in Tasmania, not even within the forestry area-even on the east coast-if he so thinks that perhaps it could be some qualifying area. As the Minister has already admitted, the drafting of the Bill was hurried; if the Minister had had any input he would have done it differently. For heaven's sake, do not put through rubbishy legislation. If the Government does not like our amendments, it could put through an amendment that it thinks would be appropriate to overcome this problem. I can assure it that we would join it in that, and there would be no problem in going through with it.

Senator Coleman —There is no problem.

Senator WALTERS —There is a problem that the Minister has already acknowledged exists because he says it is implicit-not stated-that it is in someone's mind.

Senator Gareth Evans —If it is implicit it is not a problem.

Senator WALTERS —That is not the way to introduce legislation-to assume that something is in someone's mind. This is written legislation that the Minister has already said is faulty. I plead with the Minister to move a Government amendment, and we will agree with it. There will be no problem with us.