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Friday, 3 April 1987
Page: 1808

Senator TOWNLEY(9.08) —What about the people who believe they have had some indirect loss from this legislation?

Senator Sanders —On a point of order: I call your attention, Mr Chairman, to the fact that we are discussing clause 8, which is about functions. Clause 19 covers compensation. Properly, under clause 8 we should be discussing the types of things listed under the clause heading.

The CHAIRMAN —Clause 8 deals with functions. I have let the debate go so far. It seems to me to be relevant, but I will watch that point.

Senator TOWNLEY —Who will determine whether a person is able to get some compensation, particularly when that person is slightly removed and has not obviously had some loss? The indirect situations will be very difficult for the determining people to work out. Who will be the determining people, and will they err on the side that helps people in the need they will obviously have?