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Thursday, 2 April 1987
Page: 1797

Senator NEWMAN(10.54) —On Monday evening I spoke in the adjournment debate about a matter relating to my constituency, and fortuitously the Special Minister of State, Senator Tate, was then also the Minister at the table. I remind him that I spoke about Dr Peachey and the Beaconsfield medical practice that he was hoping to take over. The option has now expired; we are now into April. I also remind the Minister that I had written three letters, starting last November, to the Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs (Mr Young) and received three acknowledgments and no replies. I also remind him that it is approximately 30 weeks since Dr Peachey applied in South Africa for permission to migrate to Australia. I also remind the Senate that Dr Peachey is a specialist in underwater medicine and has a wife who is a triple certificate nursing sister. I am sure the Minister will remember those details.

I hope he also remembers that he said to me, when I complained about the delay in getting an answer from the Minister's office, that I should have rung the Minister's office earlier-that it might have unstuck things. I draw the attention of the Minister to the fact that I spoke in the adjournment debate on Monday night after having been told by the Minister's office in the middle of last week that the letter was in the mail to me. The letter has still not arrived, even though I presume that the Minister's good offices have taken place in the meantime. I draw the Senate's attention to the lack of capacity there seems to be in the office of the Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs in dealing with his correspondence, in expediting applications for visas and in replying to senators' representations in this chamber on behalf of their constituents. I hope that this time Senator Tate may be able to unplug the system.