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Thursday, 2 April 1987
Page: 1718

Senator GARETH EVANS (Minister for Resources and Energy) —by leave-Mr President, as the inheritor of Senator Grimes's mantle as Deputy Leader and Manager of Government Business in this place, I think it appropriate, not least in light of what has been said already in this debate, to say a word or two about the legacy that he has left me. As the Opposition and the Australian Democrats keep reminding me, he is a hard act to follow. With his particular brand of avuncular charm, Don has undoubtedly won the confidence, trust and affection of those with whom he has been dealing on both sides of the chamber-even those whom he has been simultaneously, and very successfully in the case of Senator Walters, needling. I put it all down to his professional training and experience, and the bedside manner that comes with it. The difficulty with lawyers, by contrast, is that if we develop a bedside manner with our clients we find ourselves either struck off or in gaol! I simply want to say that if the relaxed and laid-back Grimes-like personality that is obviously inside me struggling to get out ever does emerge into the public light I will put it all down to Don's example and influence.

I want to conclude by thanking Don for all the support and help that he has given me personally on those many occasions when times have been tough for me in the conduct of my portfolio or whatever else in politics. I want to thank him also for the very good company that he has been for me and for so many others of us during our time together in this place. Finally, I simply want to wish him every success in what I have no doubt will be an extremely distinguished third career.