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Wednesday, 1 April 1987
Page: 1608

Senator VIGOR —Mr President, I seek leave to make a very short statement relating to the answer given to a question today.

The PRESIDENT —Is leave granted?

Senator Tate —Is it a personal explanation?

Senator VIGOR —It is an explanation relating to a statement by Senator Walsh. It is very short.

Leave granted.

Senator VIGOR —In the course of answering a question of mine today Senator Walsh made the statement that the ABC/SBS Amalgamation Bill 1986 was still before the Senate and had not been rejected by the Senate. I would like to bring to the notice of the Senate the Journals of the Senate of 5 December 1986 where the following amendment by Senator Lewis to the second reading motion appears:

(a) this Bill be not read a second time;


(b) a merger of the ABC and the SBS not proceed without explicit legislation and authority; and

(c) the Standing Committee on Education and the Arts report on the Government's reasons for proposing to amalgamate the ABC and SBS.

That motion was in fact passed by the Senate and the Bill has in fact been discharged from the Notice Paper.