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Wednesday, 1 April 1987
Page: 1607

Senator COOK —Under standing orders 408, I seek leave to make a personal explanation.

Leave granted.

Senator COOK —During Question Time when Senator Walsh was answering a question, Senator Chaney rose to take a point of order. At the time of taking the point of order he interjected into his own remarks the comment that Senator Cook, like him, `was sick of' and went on to criticise what Senator Walsh was saying. Since that comment will now appear in Hansard, and since it is not true, I would like to refute the comment of Senator Chaney that I was sick of hearing anything that Senator Walsh was saying on the economy. It is true that in my view what Senator Walsh was saying is a cause of acute discomfort for Senator Chaney, but it is not at all a cause of discomfort for me. In fact, I agree with the remarks of Senator Walsh. What I am, however, annoyed about is not the remarks of Senator Walsh but the constant and, I believe, frivolous interjections of Senator Chaney in taking points of order, particularly when the names Stone and Howard occur in any remarks made by Senator Walsh. There are times--

Senator Chaney —Mr President, I raise a point of order. This is clearly not part of any personal explanation. I ask you to call Senator Cook to order.

The PRESIDENT —Senator Cook, you are debating the issue and I would ask you to limit your remarks to the personal explanation.

Senator COOK —Thank you, Mr President. The point is that Senator Chaney is inaccurate in saying that I was joining him in any sentiments about the remarks of Senator Walsh. There are times when I have agreed with Senator Chaney but this was not one of them.