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Thursday, 26 March 1987
Page: 1423

Senator TATE (Special Minister of State)(6.24) —I think that clause 8 (2), which sets out the functions of the Commission, is a very great protection to those who are employed in the Tasmanian forest industry. I certainly would not want to see clause 8 (2) not proceeded with as part of this Bill, because it makes it clear that the employment of persons in forest operations in Tasmania is something which must be taken into account by the Commission in its decisions as to whether there could be a detriment to the Tasmanian forest industry. It is not merely a question of looking at profit bases for companies situated in Melbourne, exploiting Tasmanian forest resources. It is not merely a question of looking at taxation prospects for governments which receive royalties or other taxation revenue from the conduct of this industry. It must have regard, in particular, to the employment of persons in those operations. I think it is a very important clause.

In relation to the previous point raised by Senator Walters-I must say I forgot to say this when I foreshadowed the Government's response to Senator Sanders's amendment No. 14-the Government is so concerned even with current employment in certain areas where there is currently logging-in particular, in the Australian Newsprint Mills Ltd area between the Gordon River and the Florentine River-that it will not go along with the idea that logging there should cease immediately or during the course of the inquiry. I can assure honourable senators that that is yet another token of the good faith of the Commonwealth Government in trying as much as possible, in a way that is compatible with the inquiry, to preserve and conserve employment opportunities for Tasmanians in the qualifying areas.