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Thursday, 26 March 1987
Page: 1420

Senator WALTERS(6.09) —The Minister knows that there have been nine reports which have all done what this additional inquiry is meant to do. I remind the Minister of the economic assessment of the proposed enlarged Western Tasmanian National Park by Peter Bennett and Associates Pty Ltd. I am sure the Minister remembers that report and that he would say that it is a very credible body, and that there would be no doubt that in June last year it came up with a proper economic assessment of the implications of enlarging the Western Tasmanian National Park area. The report covered similar areas to those proposed for locking up under this Bill, areas which the conservation movement has been pushing with the Government. I remind the Minister of the conclusions of that report and I will read some of them.

Senator Coates —Mr Chairman, I raise a point of order. We are dealing with clause 7, which deals with the actual establishment of the Commission of Inquiry. I think that Senator Walters is going rather wide of that to try to bring in the result of some other report.

The CHAIRMAN —We are not yet dealing with the functions of the Commission of Inquiry, just the establishment of it; so Senator Walters should direct her remarks on clause 7 to that matter.

Senator WALTERS —Well, I will make them when we deal with clause 8.

The CHAIRMAN —I think clause 8 would be more appropriate.

Clause agreed to.

Clause 8 (Functions).