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Thursday, 26 March 1987
Page: 1377

Senator HARRADINE(12.23) —That was a most revealing comment because it stuck strictly to what is stated in the material before us. However, I am asking the Minister to go back to the Convention and tell the Committee what exact part of it puts an obligation on the state parties to impose restrictions on, for example, domestic logging in Australia prior to the identification of areas under the Convention. What part of the Convention enables a state party to it to take action as is proposed in this Bill? The action proposed in this Bill is not to protect already declared areas but to identify areas. The point I am raising with the Minister is: Given the preamble to the Convention and given the recognition within the Convention of federalist states such as Australia, what part of that Convention is the relevant part which imposes, according to the Government, an obligation such that the Government has decided to introduce this measure?

Senator Gietzelt —We do not have a copy of the Convention upon which the Government is operating.

Senator HARRADINE —We might need it in the future.

The CHAIRMAN —Order! I have allowed fairly wide latitude to the discussion of clause 1. The subject you have raised would be more appropriately brought up when we consider clause 4, which will come on a little later in the debate.