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Thursday, 26 March 1987
Page: 1376

Senator GIETZELT (Minister for Veterans' Affairs)(12.16) —I should have taken a point of order when Senator Walters spoke because she was not speaking at all to the amendment. I have allowed a great deal of licence to her to pursue what is really a matter for the second reading debate. Fair enough; she is entitled to have that. But it is not related to the amendments that are before the Committee. I know that whatever I say will not convince her but, in the hope that enlightenment finally dawns on some people, let me quote to her the last sentence of clause 27 of the memorandum of understanding. It says:

For those areas which are subject to current operational plans, the Forestry Commission will advise ways in which registered matters have been taken into account and, if planning so allows, will take account of comments from the DPI.

That is consultation; that is what it means. The Government believes this legislation is part of that consultation process.

The CHAIRMAN —On the question of relevance, which Senator Gietzelt raised, I should make it clear that, because the Committee decided not to take the Bill as a whole but to take it clause by clause, clause 1 which is the short title covers the general issues that are being canvassed now. The scope of the particular piece of legislation is relevant.