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Thursday, 26 March 1987
Page: 1373

Senator WALTERS(11.53) —The Minister did start out by saying that the Dem- ocrats' amendments are an effort to improve the Bill-and Hansard has recorded that. This is exactly what is going to happen, bit by bit, until the Government has got 33 per cent of our State. I am delighted that a journalist from Tasmania is in the Press gallery listening to this debate, because he has the opportunity of repeating just what the Minister has said. I am delighted he is up there because it is important that Tasmanians get a direct feedback of the words from the Minister's mouth that the eventual opportunities and-to use the Minister's own words-`an improvement to the Bill' would make it 33 per cent--

Senator Watson —And a further option.

Senator WALTERS —And a further option, as Senator Watson said, to the Government to bring it up to 33 per cent. I am delighted that the journalist is here; otherwise that point could be missed and perhaps the Tasmanian people would be completely unaware of what plans the Government and the Democrats have for my State. The Minister has said that we ought to be proud of our State. By gee, we are proud of our State.

Senator Gietzelt —I am proud of it too.

Senator WALTERS —The Minister has not been down there and walked in that 12.5 per cent of our State. When did he last go down and walk through the wilderness area?

Senator Gietzelt —Last time we went to an election.

Senator WALTERS —Oh, come on! He did not even go down and look at what his Government is taking from us. That is how much he cares. He is very generous with the amount he is wanting us to give up, another 5 per cent, to make it 17.5 per cent of our State. That is very generous from someone coming from New South Wales, which gives up only 3.6 per cent. New South Wales has the whole of Sydney Harbour. We could say: `Why deface any of that beautiful harbour?' Ye gods, what on earth is Sydney on about? It is the most beautiful harbour in the world, we are told. What would happen if the Government stepped in and said: `Wipe out all the development on Sydney Harbour. You must not deface it. It is the most beautiful harbour in Australia. Let us keep it for our future generations to see in its unspoiled beauty'? Wake up! We are not going back to basket weaving and alternative lifestyles in our State. We need development. We have already set aside 12 1/2 per cent, which Senator Gietzelt can walk through. If the Government wants more it can take it out of the Minister's State. Do not take it out of our State.