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Wednesday, 25 March 1987
Page: 1261

To the Honourable the President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:

The petition of the undersigned shows:

(1) The Agreement between the United States of America and Australia concerning the Joint Defence Space Research Facility at Pine Gap can be terminated from 19 October 1986.

(2) In the event of war between the United States and the Soviet Union, access by the United States to Pine Gap's facilities makes it a probable Nuclear target.

(3) Access by all nations to Pine Gap's capacity to monitor and verify compliance with existing and future nuclear limitations treaties could contri-bute to world peace and security.

(4) The people of Australia are entitled to be consulted, through their representatives in Parliament, on any extension or modification of the Agreement affecting their lives, security and welfare.

And your petitioners humbly pray that:

(1) Notice be given by 19 October 1986 that the agreement between the United States and Australia concerning the Joint Defence Space Research Facility at Pine Gap be terminated by October 1987.

(2) Public discussion and inquiry be instituted into the feasibility of negotiating a new agreement with the United Nations during the International Year of Peace offering the verification facilities of the Pine Gap base to all nations.

(3) Any agreement concerning the future use of Pine Gap be referred to Parliament for ratification.

And your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray.