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Monday, 23 March 1987
Page: 1120

Senator SIDDONS —I seek leave to make a statement, Mr President.

The PRESIDENT —Is this a personal explanation?

Senator SIDDONS —No, it is a statement. It could be defined as a personal explanation.

Senator Chaney —On a point of order, Mr President: The Opposition has no objection to any senator clarifying by way of a personal explanation a point on which he has been misrepresented or put in a false position. It may well be a statement, and we would like to assist Senator Siddons to make it, by leave, but without any notice of it, it is difficult for us to make a judgment. If this is a personal explanation, the Opposition is happy to give leave.

The PRESIDENT —I suggest that Senator Siddons give a general explanation of what he intends to speak about. Perhaps then leave will be granted.

Senator SIDDONS —It is in relation to my leadership of the Unite Australia Party.

Leave granted.

Senator SIDDONS —It has been brought to my attention that I have not officially advised the Senate that I am the parliamentary leader of the Unite Australia Party. I do so now. Accordingly I advise the Senate that the Unite Australia Party is a nationally organised party with branches in all mainland States, embracing the previous membership of the Advance Australia Party, the Australia Party and the UAP, and that I am its parliamentary leader. Incidentally, it is the only political party represented in parliament which opposes the present deregulation of Australia's financial institutions.