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Thursday, 19 March 1987
Page: 963

Senator MACKLIN(11.44) —I do not wish to prolong this debate, but--

Senator Dame Margaret Guilfoyle —You are.

Senator MACKLIN —If the honourable senator would actually listen for a while she would find out that I am not going to prolong it any longer than her interjections. After listening to the problems that a number of members of the Opposition parties have with the second part of our motion, I will move to amend part (b) to leave out--

The ACTING DEPUTY PRESIDENT (Senator MacGibbon) —Order! Senator Macklin, you cannot amend the amendment. We will have to dispose of the amendment that is before the Chair.

Senator MACKLIN —It is not an amendment; it is a motion.

The ACTING DEPUTY PRESIDENT —The honourable senator cannot move another amendment until we have dealt with the amendment before the Chair.

Senator MACKLIN —There is an amendment before the Chair; I am sorry. I foreshadow that I will be moving an amendment to part (b) to delete the following words:

That the Victorian Cain Labor Government, following a long line of similar instances, accept the Liberal Party's nominee to fill the casual vacancy left by the death of Senator Alan Missen-

and to insert the words:

the Queensland National-Liberal Government accepted the National Party nominee to replace Senator Sheil; the Queensland National Party accepted the Liberal nominee to replace Senator Martin; the Federal Parliament accepted the Liberal nominee to replace Senator Knight; the Victorian Labor Government accepted the Liberal nominee to replace Senator Missen and the Democrat nominee to replace Senator Chipp; the Tasmanian Liberal Government accepted the Liberal nominee to replace Senator Rae; and the New South Wales Australian Labor Party Government accepted the Labor nominee to replace Senator McClelland.

This amendment would remove the problem the Opposition has with part (b) of our amendment, which merely gives some illustrations--

Senator Walters —Don't be so childish.

Senator MACKLIN —Of the propriety of a whole range of governments other than those supported by Senator Walters, who would not mind running a ball for any constitutional convention. We are looking at those governments that have followed propriety, that have followed the correct course. We thought that the Opposition parties would have been able to see that that was a suggestion. However, they have sought to squirm on that stick and we have decided to spell those out thereby removing their objection.

Question put:

That the words proposed to be left out (Senator Durack's amendment) be left out.