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Wednesday, 18 March 1987
Page: 852

Senator HARRADINE —I give notice that, on the next day of sitting, I shall move:

That the Senate noting that-

(a) the spread of AIDS poses grave problems for individuals and Australian society as a whole;

(b) AIDS is not confined to high risk groups such as homosexuals and intravenous drug users, but is spreading through those in the heterosexual community who engage in risk behaviour;

(c) the major cause of the spread of AIDS is acknowledged by specialists in the area to be promiscuous behaviour;

(d) faced with the deadly threat of AIDS, Australians are entitled to be told the facts of life in any AIDS Education Program rather than be misled by the promoters of condoms and the promiscuous lifestyles which is the major cause of the spread of AIDS; and

(e) the deadly fact of life in modern times is that there cannot be a promiscuous society without AIDS,

calls upon the Minister for Health (Dr Blewett) to explain a misleading media statement of 10 March 1987, by the AIDS Unit of the Department of Health, which asserted that the Parliamentary Liaison Group on AIDS had approved of the advertisements scheduled for release on 5 April 1987 when, in fact, the Group has not seen the advertisements and a request that the group be given the opportunity to peruse and have an input into them has, as yet, not been agreed to, and calls on all Australians to act with compassion and genuine humanity to all AIDS sufferers.