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Thursday, 26 February 1987
Page: 704

Senator WALTERS —by leave-Senator Gareth Evans, as is customary in this place, was one of the Ministers who put forward in the Senate an anti-discrimination Bill. Ever since that Bill was passed, which he supported thoroughly, he has made the most sexist remarks, interjections, et cetera, to members on this side of the chamber that any Minister could ever make. He has never retracted those statements that he has made. Indeed, he was the Minister who brought forward that legislation.

I ask Government members whether they approve of the way their Minister behaves. I particularly ask Government lady senators whether they approve of the way their Minister behaves and his sexist comments about me and my colleagues on this side of the chamber, because if they do not I suggest that they take the Minister to task and prevent him from making them. It is up to them and they ought to hold the Minister responsible for any statement he makes that is in opposition to the legislation that they particularly supported in this chamber. I believe that it is incumbent on them to get up and tell Senator Evans that, according to the legislation that they upheld and put forward and all so eloquently spoke on, they will not put up with his sexist comments. Unless they do that, the legislation they put before the House is nothing but a sham.